My Turn Will Come is a book for everyone who believes that the soul endures beyond earthly existence...

James Truman, a pioneering scientist, is killed in a road accident, leaving behind his beloved wife and six-year old son. Tom, his spirit guide, takes him to a place called the Realm of Rest where he learns the secrets of the universe and that his soul is immortal.

His life is played back to him and he discovers that his death was no accident, but unjustly cut short by a jealous rival.  He is given the chance to return to earth and complete a vital task linked to his appointed soul journey, something that will save or enhance millions of lives in the future.

James is reborn as Harry, living amongst the very people who were part of his previous existence and haunted from time to time by indistinct reminders of his past life and loves.  Better equipped this time to complete his quest, he must still accomplish the hardest task of all: defeating in this life the

enemy who remained hidden from him in the last.

© Copyright E.G. Smart 2018 All Rights Reserved.

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